Sexy Glamorous London Girls

Big busts or small busts, there is certainly one thing that can be said about sexy glamorous London girls and escorts. They are without a doubt the most gorgeous girls in the world.

The Swedish porn writer, Tittiana Nilsson, traveled the world to research her latest book only to discover that the sexiest and most glamorous escorts could be found in her adopted home town of London.

Tittiana talks about her latest book on her friend Karla’s web site, and mentions how much research effort she put into finding the most glamorous and sexy London escorts in the world. She invested a huge amount of money and time researching her latest book, and says she may as well stayed at home in London to do her research.

London Escorts

According to Tittiana, London escorts are unique. They may not all be local girls and this is what makes them so special. Many of the escorts serving the London dating scene are from all over the world.

They have moved here because they know that they will not only be appreciated but they will be well looked after by their dates as well.

Dates in London are a little bit special as many of them are business travellers and know how to treat a lady. Most dates do look for both classy and glamorous London escorts.

There is also another the reason why so many of the girls and escorts are glamorous. They know that their dates are going to be that extra bit special, so all the girls make an extra effort.

Dating a Glamorous Would Be Porn Star in London

London is perhaps one of the few cities in the world where you will get the opportunity to date a glamorous would be porn star. Some of the top stars at the moment have been talent spotted in London, and if you are lucky, you will get the opportunity to go on a date with one.

Just because a London girl is glamorous doesn’t mean that she is not classy. This is something else all London escorts have in common according to Tittiana. All the girls that she met managed to pull of all three vital ingredients of a successful date in equal measures.

She found that London was the one city where the girls managed to be seen as glamorous, sexy and classy at the same time.

Tittiana, who used to work as an escort herself, explains that this is no easy task to pull off. Many dates expect an awful lot from the girls, and being able to meet a girl who can make all three magic ingredients work, is very rare. However, London girls seem to have that special “je ne sais quoi” to be able to do just that.

Many of her own regular dates used to express a slight disappointment with girls in other parts of the world. Perhaps London is just one of those places which brings out the best in everybody.

This year both glamorous blondes and brunettes are popular on the London dating scene. If, you are interested to go on a date with a girl in any part of town, it is a good idea to make the arrangements early to avoid disappointment.

Arranging a date before you travel is a good idea. Many of the London escorts do both outcalls and incalls, and it is always best to decide which option would suit you at the time of arranging the date as the girls are very busy.