How sex has become less of a taboo subject in the present than in the past

Sex is a natural deed that is done by two individuals who are attracted to each other and is usually based on the desire to procreate or express love. The act has attracted admiration and controversy from everyone globally. In the past, it was considered taboo to speak about anything related to sex. The topic was only discussed privately by lovers who either wanted to create a child, alter or improve their sex lives. Nowadays sex is less of a taboo topic. Teachers discuss sexual matters with students just like parents do with their children. Even though the world has shown tolerance towards the open discussion of sex, certain religious and societal norms strictly prohibit the deed. What has caused this vital transition from sex being a taboo topic into sex being openly discussed and used as an educational tool?

The desire to have sex is a primal urge that is deeply ingrained into the subconscious of every human being from corporate lawyers at big firms, athletes at the olympics to sexy girls at therefore it comes as no surprise that the act is highly prioritised. Sex is very important, other than satisfaction, the act ensures the survival and continuity of our species. The reason behind sex being a taboo topic back in the days of our forefathers is because it was deemed a private matter. In the past, humans were raised according to high moral standards that strictly prioritised the acceptance, endorsement and practice of important values. Acting civilised was the order of the day because humans chose to follow an arrogant notion that laid emphasis on the superiority of homo sapiens have over other animals therefore it was a way of life for humans to behave and act differently.

With the rise of social issues such as teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases plus sexual crimes, the need to declare sex as an open subject became greater than before. The discussion of sex has led to the creation of precautions and countless awareness campaigns that are dedicated to informing teenagers about the consequences of having unprotected sex. Easy access to the negative and damaging influence of the media and internet has led to parents openly discussing sex with their children in order to prevent them from engaging in unhealthy sexual habits that might destroy their lives. The rise of sexual crimes such as rape and paedophilia has also led to the open discussion of sex as means of educating children, women and men on how to protect themselves from rapists and paedophiles. On the negative side, easy access to pornography has led to parents and guardians openly discussing sex with their children in order to educate them about the dangers of watching porn and the negative impact it has on society and the image of femininity.

Sex was once considered a taboo topic that was only reserved for adults. The rise of societal, virological and crime-related problems has prompted the general public to be more open when it comes to talking about sex in order to raise awareness and or educate. The open discussion of sex has led to solutions of many social epidemics that plague the general population. Even though the discussion of sex was deemed as a measure that would create more problems than solutions, on the contrary, it has actually resulted to positive impacts pertaining the eradication of various societal issues and it continues to help the general public to this day.