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We just had just finished golf match play when one of my golfing buddies decided that we should round off the day around his place. He said that he was getting a bit bored with the 19th hole, and he wanted to celebrate his hole in one in style. I had never been to Alan’s house before, but it turned out he lived in an old style Georgian house.

The house seemed to have a few too many bedrooms for a guy who lived alone, but he said that he often arranged sleep overs for himself and his friends. Alan was already to party at his home, and started off by opening several bottles of champagne before picking up the phone.
He said that he did not want us to party alone, so he had called a London escorts agency and asked them to deliver around some London escorts.

bed pose CFI became a bit anxious as I had never dated London escorts, or any other escorts before, and started to wonder where all of this was going. Well, Alan said, let me show how I can fill up all of this extra space this house has to offer in a matter of an hour and he suggested about the

After about 45 minutes in walked six hot London escorts. Alan had considered everything and arranged for three blonde and three brunette London escorts. I was in a bit of a state of shock but all of the girls seemed to be ready to party. One of the girls, Josefina, walked up to me and just whispered hello in my ear. I told that she unnerved me a bit, but she said that I didn’t know what being unnerved meant until I had spent a couple of hours with her.


I know it sounds like a cliche, but Josefina is not like other girls. She is a genuine young lady who needs to be needed by both men and women. She will do whatever it takes to keep herself looked after and “well maintained” as she likes to call it. Personally, I would call it something totally different.

She used to be a stripper in a London night club but soon got tired of working there. She says it was not for her, and that she was just rushing around. Josefina still loves to dance but now she only dances in private for her favorite dates. Fortunately, she likes me so I am one of the lucky guys who gets treated to a private dance experience.

She says that dancing to her is an intimate experience, and that dancing should never be rushed. Giving you a true personalized experience is what this hot brunette is all about, and the way she delivers that is completely unique. She can move her body slowly, or violently leap into expressive movements. Knowing where to feast your eyes on this lady is the real problem. All her curves are in the right places, and sometimes I don’t know where to look first. Everything about this 5ft 7 brunette is magic, and once she has you under her spell, you can’t escape.

You may want to know if I have met Josefina since the party? You can certainly say that I have met Josefina.


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