The Sexiest Women in London

I didn’t know that there were so many sexy women in London. Two years ago I got divorced from my wife of ten years. I did not want to start another relationship so I started dating London escorts instead. So far, I am loving every minute of my new life dating London escorts and I don’t have any intention of changing a thing. The girls are some of the hottest and sexiest babes that I have ever met and I can’t get enough of them. If you have never dated escorts in London, you should be all means try to do so – they are incredible.

Honestly, I don’t believe in jumping straight into a new relationship, and I don’t even really want to.

Besides, at the moment there is no need for me to complicate my life as I have so many hot escorts in London to date. In the last couple of months my life has really come together and I know have some favorite London escorts that I date. A couple of hot brunettes take up my weekend and during the week I even have the time to fit in a couple of stunning blondes who can give some really naughty pleasures.

Dating cheap escorts in London for me is just such a pleasure. First after my divorce I tried to go out and pull girls like in my younger days. I seemed to have lost my touch and was only able to pull ladies my own age. I am not interested in women in their 40’s, I want to meet hot new talent. This is what makes dating London escorts so special, there is no need to go out on town to pull girls, I have got my London escorts to keep me company. It doesn’t matter if I want to go out for dinner or for a drink, I always take one of my lovely young ladies with me.

Some of my friends say that I am crazy for dating London escorts. They say that they are just sexy tarts but I disagree. Many of the London escorts that I date are very sexy ladies, and they are good companions as well. The fact of the matter is that they are just very honest about what they are and what they do. Many of the girls that I date are very well educated and some of them are a real joy to have conversation with when you go out together.

I have no intention of stopping to date London escorts just because my friends down at the golf clubs disagree. Some of them would probably love to date London escorts but the truth is that most of them are married and too scared of their wives to date London escorts. They have too much to lose and don’t want to end up getting divorced and losing everything. I can understand that but then again I don’t think that they should be making comments behind my back just because they are a bit envious of me.

How to arrange dates with London escorts?

Judging by the amount of emails we are receiving here at the Better Sex Guide, a lot of gents are not sure how they can arrange dates with London escorts like A lot of the gents who have been contacting us over the last few weeks are from abroad, and dating London escorts is a new experience for them.

If you are traveling to London to date escorts during the summer, it is a good idea to make your arrangements early on. That means that you may want to arrange your dates before you travel. Don’t worry, a lot of international business men like to arrange their dates before they leave their home countries, so the London escort agencies are used to dealing with the situation.


London premier escort agencies do like to look after their girls, so they would probably like to speak to you first of all. They would like to have an opportunity to explain their terms and conditions, and they would also like to know if you have had any previous experience of dating escorts in your home country.

Many gents who arrange dates with London escorts have heard about London ladies through friends, and that means that you might be familiar with some things. For instance, a lot of agencies insist that gentlemen callers cannot be drunk when they turn up for their dates, and most escorts will also expect gents to shower before the date starts.

It is really important to follow these terms as the escort may not go through with the date if you are drunk or refuse to take a shower.

Arranging dates

The date can be arranged over the phone, and you may have to leave your credit card number as security. Be aware that the credit card will be verified to make sure it belongs to you, and that you are allowed to use it. Most of the time nothing is charged to your credit card but instead you are expected to pay for your London escorts services when you arrive at the apartment.

Of course, you get the opportunity to choose the look of your date, and you will find that there are many exotic ladies to choose from as well as some lovely English roses. Escort services are available all over London, and I am sure that you will be able to find suitable services in the area that you are staying in.

The standard of services are very high all over London, and very few gents are disappointed in London escorts services. Most gents who start to date in London find regular dates, and are happy to meet up with escorts time and time again. London has in recent years become a real mecca for dating escorts, and VIP services are very popular in London. If, you would like to try a VIP service, you need to be prepared to pay a bit more, but I promise you that you will have a really good time without a doubt.