She is a real good time girl

When I first met my Sara at Woodside escorts, I knew that there was something different about her. Like I said to her, I liked her style and love of life right away. I had not met a girl like Sara for ages and we drifted together rather naturally. It was not long before we became an item, and I became her boyfriend instead of just another regular date at Woodside escorts.

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The only thing I did not realise about Sara was that she was a real party girl. Unlike me, she could stay out and party all night. Before we became an item, we had mainly spent time going out for meals, so I did not have a clue that Sara was seriously into clubbing. When I was getting ready to go to bed, Sara started to think about slipping her glad rags on, and going out with her friends from Woodside escorts. It seemed that all of the girls at the escort agency in Woodside really liked to party. I did not mind and I knew that she would be a good girl.

It was not until we had been together for about three months when I realised that Sara liked other parties as well. She loved going to have fun some friends that she had met at what she called a specialist party in London. Of course, this specialist party turned out to be a sex party. I had never been to a sex party before but I agreed to come along after Sara had arranged for me to come and watch what goes on at a sex party.

When I first stepped into the sex party, I was not sure it was my kind of thing. But after a couple of glasses of vintage champagne, I started to feel a little bit more in the mood and I was soon joining in. A few of the other girls from Woodside escorts were there with their partners as well, and everybody seemed to be having a good time. Most of the girls at Woodside escorts were bisexual and they loved to have fun with their partners when they were not working for the escort agency in Woodside. I would go as far as to say that most Woodside escorts are real party girls.

I could not believe how much energy Sara had when it came to parties. She loved the entire London adult scene and would even go to clubs in Soho with her friends from Woodside escorts. The girls loved the love sex shows in Soho, and some of them even had part time jobs as pole and lap dancers in various clubs. In the end, it all became a little bit too much for me. Sure, I loved my Sara and thought that she was one of the sexiest ladies that I have ever met, but at the same time, her lifestyle was a bit too much for me. We are still friends and I will be here waiting for her when she slows done a bit and perhaps starts to party a bit less with her friends. Like I say to her, she is welcome to come and party with me any time she likes….